Wrong Use of the Facebook

Posted on Apr 24 2011 - 10:02am by akhtar

DUBAI: A cross-dressing waiter who made a Facebook account to attract other men into having sex with him for Dh1,000 a night was punished for six months prison this morning.

prosecutors said that MJ, Thirty, of the Philippines, used injections to enlarged his breasts, then took pictures of himself bare-chested and naked in seductive positions. According to prosecutors he posted the pictures on his Facebook account, promoted his sexual services at nightclubs. His mobile phone contained various pictures of himself naked and in suggestive positions.

He admitted to charges of prostitution When appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court last week, coercion to commit sin, promoting of sin through the internet and cross-dressing.

Police were tipped off about MJ’s Facebook account on January 7. When they checked it, they found he was promoting his services for sex with men in return for Dh1,000 per night, FD, a police officer, told prosecutors.

FD said it was difficult to distinguish MJ from a woman.

An undercover police officer contacted MJ and agreed to meet with him at the Gold City Hotel lobby in the Naif area. MJ was wearing women’s clothing and carrying a purse when he met with the officer. He took Dh1,000 from the officer with the intention of having sex.

He will be deported after serving his prison term.