Wireless charging the Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on May 27 2012 - 9:33am by Huzoor Bux
The cable is to secure, is not to charge :)

The cable is to secure, is not to charge :)

Already at an early stage – long before the unveiling of the device – the rumor surfaced that the Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless rechargeable would be. And although this is not a standard feature of the Galaxy S3 turns out to be, there will soon be indeed a charger that lets you buy the phone without using cables to load. How does this work? How practical is it?
The operation of the system is in fact nothing new in the sun. Palm – who knows yet? – Used some years ago, a wireless technology for devices such as the Pre to recharge. The system works by using two magnets, one in the charger itself, and one in the charging unit. Thanks to an electromagnetic field can be generated in the magnetic flow in the mobile device, so that – duh! – Charging.
This means, however, that the ‘receiver’ of the energy must be provided with a magnet. And where Empel! The wireless charger of Samsung Galaxy S3 you get a new tailgate with there: a magnet pieces.
The disadvantage of this loading method is that it is really only works when the magnets as close as possible to each other. Stories about “loading up to 2 meters away from the docking station ‘found afterwards largely urban legend.


Naturally available in matching colors (photo via AndroidCommunity.com)

Naturally available in matching colors (photo via AndroidCommunity.com)

In practice, it means that your Galaxy S3 on the charging station shall, after which you so do not do more in the back with cables. The gain in such a way of loading is primarily aesthetic: you put / put your phone down – such as on a bedside table – and without any noticeable load on your S3. On a dock, you can even charge two devices simultaneously.
What we find interesting is this feature that Samsung has chosen to be part of its “Galaxy S3 ecosystem. When Palm was never really good from the ground, and although there are other phones also similar wireless charging kits for sale (made by ‘third party’ manufacturers), it is now Samsung says’ yes, we see there are some in “. Who knows where this technology brings us a few years as the Koreans have really put their shoulders.

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  1. cody July 17, 2012 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    why are you so wrong with your facts on here…..there is a such thing as power being sent thru the air to a device….100 years ago Tesla wanted to power homes around the planet by sending power thru the AIR….do some homework….and NO, these chargers do not rely on MAGNETS to send power………Google Fulton, Cereal boxes that light up while sitting on the store shelf…..counter tops that have power in them and you sit a pan or a can of soup and cook it right on top…….The A/C power you rely for daily life was invented by Tesla…..not Eddison…..he ran the first power company which was DC power and couldn’t send power longer then 2 miles……Educate yourself…..

  2. cody July 17, 2012 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    Palm Pre had the touchstone induction charger. that wasn’t anything new UNDER the sun, this was invented over 100 years ago. and the TouchStone/Induction power did not use magnets to produce power. the magnets that were in the devices were to line the phone up. Induction is when each device has a coiled up copper laying very flat and they have to be of equal size and when they come together they produce a magnetic enery field………The Induction CookTop appliance that you put metal pots/pans on to cook is the use of magnets……..to produce heat to food and not surface or bottom of pan…..

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