Why Mark Zuckerberg wanted a billion dollars to buy Instagram

Posted on May 26 2012 - 11:18am by Huzoor Bux
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Palo Alto, California. On the evening of 8 April 2012, the voice of a mega acquisition had begun to spread through the corridors of the headquarters of Facebook. Apart from a few intimate circle of the small entourage of Mark Zuckerberg, very few people know the details of the deal. It was rumored big stuff. Parcels of dollars in cash and stock options.

Twenty-four hours after the announcement. We bought Instagram. One billion dollars. Faces astonished seasoned with incredulous expressions. Someone must have thought that the boss was mad. One billion dollars for app photo sharing? The accounts have been hard to come back. At least until yesterday.

Yesterday Facebook launched Room . It ‘a clone shamelessly copied from Instagram. It’s not stuff that Zuckerberg and company have worked in the last two months. The project goes back a long time ago. Maybe even before talks with Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, were initiated.
Imagine that figure by Mark idiot would do if he had presented room with Instagram still on the market. The giant social network, not being able to compete in the mobile, the point of a managed copy of a dozen people around that enjoys an outstanding success.
printing first and then the investors would jump at the throat . Some people is not money that gives them away for nothing.
Innovation is one thing. Scopiazzare is another.
Buy Instagram was the only way to save face. It cost ten times as much.
Systrom I Had I been pulled over on the price. The reach for your wallet, Mark, into a corner, he would have made ​​the same. The blank signed check in any amount.