Where was silent in the Android Lollipop?

Posted on Jan 14 2015 - 8:02am by Huzoor Bux

According to Google, Android Lollipop received a large number of innovations that have been significantly improved as the internal components of the operating system and its interface. However, not all innovations relished users .

Where was silent in the Android Lollipop

As the resource PhoneArena , many users get an update to Android Lollipop, complain about the lack of “Silent mode”, which includes moving the slider to the left side using the volume buttons.

It is unknown whether this is a flaw of Google or the search giant deliberately took this step. In turn, the deliberate rejection of “silent mode” in the form in which it existed, indicate some of the features that are implemented in Android Lollipop.

The new version of “green robot” silent moved into a feature called “Do Not Disturb”, which can be turned on by pressing the corresponding button that appears when you adjust the volume. On the one hand, it is silent, but not all users it had in mind.

According to them, it was possible previously unnoticed mute all notifications simply by pressing the volume buttons. Now to make this service without direct contact with the screen of the smartphone is not possible.

Let’s hope that Google will listen to their users and decide about the functional improvement silent mode.

And you think this is a problem?