What’s New in Windows Phone 8.1

Posted on Dec 18 2014 - 7:25am by Huzoor Bux

What's New in Windows Phone 8.1

Officially introduced to devices in July 2014, Windows Phone 8.1 is Microsoft’s update to its existing smartphone operating system ecosphere. Consisting of several enhancements to its original operating system, Windows Phone 8.1 promises to remove some of the glitches and gripes that users had with the previous edition of Windows OS.

The biggest enhancement in Windows Phone 8.1 is the introduction of Cortana, or Microsoft’s voice assistant. Designed to rival Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now, Cortana is responsive, smart and funny and considerably improves the overall user experience in Windows Phone. Cortana has the ability to set reminders, type emails and messages, and answer questions using information from Bing, which is Microsoft’s search service.

Another improvement in the updated Windows Phone architecture is the installation of Internet Explorer 11 as the default web browser. IE 11 incorporates a number of swipe gestures to great effect, including the ability to navigate back and forth between web pages, video streaming through HTML5, live tiles, and a password-saving mechanism.

The Windows Phone store is now leaps and bounds ahead of what it first started off as, with several new features and a much larger suite of apps available to download. Users are now allowed to provide rating on apps and the total number has gone upwards of 500,000 available apps to download.

Other nifty features in the updating operating system include battery saver, WiFi sense, Calendar, Maps, Skype. There are a number of great mobile phones online operating the updated Windows Phone 8.1 OS, such as the Nokia Lumia 730, available conveniently through Daraz.pk.