What’s New in 2014: what you should pay attention to

Posted on Aug 28 2014 - 10:43am by Huzoor Bux

Whats New in 2014 what you should pay attention to

Coming autumn, the most interesting for us to go. Technology companies will showcase their new products, and later they go on sale, and it’s not just about Apple, although its announcements, we naturally expect the most. Colleagues from Business Insider compiled a list of devices that are worth paying attention to in 2014. Each of them go so far only rumors, but they allow you to have at least some idea, and the rumors say that these devices will dictate market conditions. So, what gifts in store for us this year:

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Let’s start with the most anticipated devices. The next generation of Apple’s smartphone to be announced on September 9th. According to numerous rumors, iPhone will add to the size, will receive a 4.7-inch screen and the rounded edges of the housing.

Another big iPhone

Another big iPhone

iPhone 5s and housing future models

For our loyal readers release of two smartphones from Apple will not shocking news. The second model is expected to be called the iPhone Air, and will receive a 5.5-inch screen. To date, there is no assurance that the model will be released in 2014, but still there is a probability.

The second generation iPad Air

iPad Air 2

Last year, Apple’s new tablet was shown in October, and is fair to assume that this fall they will be updated. Much to us about the new iPad Air unknown. Presumably, the change only filling. The device can get 2 GB of RAM , and support multi-window with the new version of iOS.


IWatch Concept

The most mysterious product of Apple, on which, according to rumors, the work has been going on for a long time. Workforce Apple joined the experts in the field of medicine, health and sports. It is likely that this is the year we will show the result of their work, but there are rumors that claim otherwise.

Google Nexus X

Concept Nexus X

Apple’s competitors are not asleep, too, and are preparing to release their devices. The sixth generation of the Nexus is also expected this fall. Presumably, it is called Nexus X . expected that the device is aimed at a premium segment than usual. And of course, fans of Android-smartphone interested in iron. 13-megapixel camera, 2K-display and Snapdragon processor 805, for those who are on to something.

New Nexus tablet

Nexus 9

Another novelty is expected from Google – the tablet on Android L. Previous Nexus tablet produced in conjunction with the Asus. This time the rumor of collaboration with HTC , the company that can not be called a success in the tablet market. Aluminum housing and super clear display – all that is known about the future competitor iPad.

Moto X + 1

Moto X + 1

Motorola is planning an event on the 4th of September this year, which is expected to be shown a new flagship smartphone. Android-smartphone the company has recently attracted increased interest, and Moto X + 1 will be no exception. Superior display, a faster processor and camera with dual flash – that’s what we should expect from the new items.

Moto 360

Moto 360

Clever clock design which at the moment is considered to be a reference, in the absence of a large number of serious competitors. They were presented in March, but more detailed information about the device and its availability, we will probably get a 4th of September. From what we know now – is the protection from moisture, support for wireless charging and operating system Android Wear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note

Of course, the parade of new products can not do without the South Korean giant’s products. Their event is scheduled for September 3 and it very likely will see the fourth generation flagship fableta. 5.7-inch screen and the design in the style of Galaxy S5 – here’s what to expect.

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport

Canadian company BlackBerry is no longer taken seriously by all. Nevertheless smartphone, which is expected to show in September, has already caused quite a stir because of its non-standard form factor. To be honest, me and myself can not wait to hold in your hands this square smartphone with a smart qwerty-keyboard.