What we are missing from the iPhone

Posted on Jul 24 2014 - 12:48am by Huzoor Bux

“And what is it you like? That does not support Flash? »- Said to me one friend, looking at my iPhone 3Gs. He never held it in my hands, but I thought your HTC on an earlier version of Android better, basing his opinion on the read online. Alas, his own opinion will be only their own experience. Today my friend uses the iPhone 5, which still does not support Flash. There are also more modern history, it is about Apple technology user and his new smartphone Galaxy.

What we are missing from the iPhone 47

Jim Edwards moved from New York to London. Of course, it took him a SIM-card of a local operator, but his iPhone was tied to the U.S. network. Being the owner of two Macbook and iPhone 5, Jim wanted to buy the iPhone 6 with a screen of 5.7 inches. Alas, the store did not have this, and he had to buy another fablet, Samsung Galaxy S5 . On his impressions, he published an article on Business Insider.

Here is what he wrote:

I had no idea what I’m losing.
enjoyed great Android-smartphone is much more pleasant, especially for photos and videos. Big screen changes everything.

When I picked up the iPhone, I was amazed at how little he whimsically. It was like that to pick up one of my old “clamshell” from the beginning of the 2000s. I did not know what made me so long to put up with him.

Galaxy is also better than the iPhone handles text and letters. My basic requirements for the phone – this e-mail, messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, photos, web and video. Big screen offers all this in a way as it simply can not be done on the iPhone. It sounds like the words of a fanatic convert, but iPhone users do not realize how bad things are with basic facilities like YouTube or Vimeo, until they see it all on the Galaxy.

Jim further detail painted quality Galaxy S5, who conquered his heart.

Screen size matters.

Basically Jim was impressed with both the large screen displays photos. This is still a phone, and the picture we want to see it, as a rule, much more than its screen, but nevertheless social networks like Facebook and Instagram on the screen at 5.1 inches look very different. Looking at it, Jim no longer wants to run these applications on the iPhone. According to him, only fablet Apple’s 5.5-inch display can now pull the blanket over himself.


Auditorium all types of video gradually moves to mobile devices for viewing. Jim explains the advent of smartphones such as its new Galaxy. On the iPhone, he sees two problems with the video: can not see anything because of the size, video processing is performed in a strange way. Galaxy on the same video plays just where it is. On the site, YouTube, in full screen mode or not. Everything your heart desires. Well, of course, Jim again praises display size, which, according to him, even perfect for watching movies on the plane.

Telephone for adults who need to work.

Work on the work itself, for which Jim did not suit the iPhone. Far from perfect-mail and calendar, and keyboard for children’s little hands – that he named disadvantages smartphone from Apple. In Samsung same screen size and keyboard allow you to make impressive size, which does not even have to switch to the character set for access to the figures. Swype was named the best input system, which, though temporarily , but not the iPhone. All praise awarded mail client. And most importantly, Jim can now edit the article on Business Insider directly from your smartphone.

Content from the store iTunes – no problem.

Jim found out that there are many applications for the transfer of his collection in iTunes-Android-smartphone. Google Play Music arranged it over completely, and as the music application from Samsung. According to him, they are just as good as iTunes, which means that Apple ecosystem already purchased content – is not that so much keeps your affection.

On the shortcomings.

Basically Jim did not like the small details that Apple would never have missed. For Samsung, they are not critical. This intricate settings menu disadvantages automatic adjustment of input and too deep integration with Google. Jim also noted lower smoothness and speed compared to the iPhone, and the fact that he sold a smartphone with an obsolete version of the software.

In conclusion …

We, the users of vehicles Apple, used to believe that we are given the best of everything, and Jim Edwards also notes this. On core resources, we read about the shortcomings of competitive products, and the dignity of the mouth of the same commentators, but on the other hand, does not sound convincing. Best experience – it’s the experience, and no video or article does not help you to get it.

Jim made only one attempt and the first time found more suitable for a device. But for whatever reason it happened, I do not undertake to judge. Or its specific needs really much better covered smartphones Samsung, iPhone or handed position, and any smartphone with a large screen it is better now. Jim holds the latter view, in my opinion is worth checking it for another few left New York journalists.