What happens if Apple Watch awaits failure?

Posted on Jan 28 2015 - 7:22am by Huzoor Bux

What happens if Apple Watch awaits failure

Most analysts believe that Apple will be the new clock hit (eg, Morgan Stanley predicts 60 million sold gadgets in the first year and 21 billion profit on sales trends). At the same time, the interest of users not yet fully defined: for example, Piper Jaffray polls show that in December 2014, only 7% of Americans would like to imagine Apple Watch. Therefore, some experts caution wonder what would happen if the product is waiting for a failure?

First of all, oddly enough, the market buckled wearable technology and smart watches in particular, foreign media write. Now analysts suggest that by 2018 it will be sold about 330 million smart hours – if the alleged leader of the market will fail, of course, this forecast should be reconsidered. A recent study by NPD showed that currently only 2% of people use smart watch. Without the help of Apple Watch figure will increase slightly: a maximum of 10-20%.

Second of all, suffer, of course, Apple. However, what it means to “suffer”? Yes, the company will not get a huge profit, but lost profit will be quite insignificant “in one pot” income. Experts estimate that in 2015, a manufacturer of “gather up” 213 billion US dollars, and hence the projected 21 billion from the sale of 60 million hours – it is only 10%. The bulk of the will, of course, iPhone (it is believed that in 2015 the vendor sells 189 million smartphones).

In addition to finance, the company may be slightly “sag” in reputation – a novelty that does not shoot, will be a serious sign for those who are dissatisfied with the current policy of Cupertino . And this is probably the most important (who, in fact, care about other people watch or someone else’s money?). If Apple Watch will be a hit – so business as usual. If not – may be followed by changes.