What Exactly you are expecting from Iphone5

Posted on Oct 5 2011 - 5:17am by Huzoor Bux

Take a step back from everything Apple and the not having existence iPhone 5 for some time and put everything into perspective. This summer has been a building tidal wave of gossip, speculation, false leads and outrageous claims. When you look back at the roadmap that led to what Apple released today with the iPhone 4S, you have to step back and ask: What should you have really expected?








Was it too much to expect an iPhone 5? In contemplation of the past, yes. Making a giant jump in its product line is not in Apple’s World. Look at the iPhone 3GS in comparison to the iPhone 4. 3GS was a great improvement on the 3G and it ran iOS 4, but they looked very similar. The 4S runs iOS 5 and looks basically exactly like iPhone 4. Come next summer or whenever the iPhone 5 comes out, it won’t look anything like the 4S. But, the iPhone 5S will look a lot like the iPhone 5. Incremental improvements to satiate demand while still leaving consumers wanting more.