Volume boost during a call on your Galaxy S3

Posted on Sep 15 2012 - 6:36pm by Huzoor Bux

Maybe you recognize the situation: you are walking on the station and just while you’re on a call comes a train pass. Hopefully not directly in front of you – a few more platforms – but the noise ensures that your caller can no longer hear, while it just something important to tell, as the combination of the safe. Instance.

But did you know that your Samsung Galaxy S3 a volume boost function? So even if you adjust the volume using the volume buttons already been hardest set, you can adjust the volume one step louder.
This feature – ‘Extra volume’ – must then be activated. Just go to the phone application, and tap the Menu key. Now select ‘Call settings’. Just not in the picture at the bottom, you see ‘Use extra volume during calls. This check up, if it was not checked.

If you’re a phone call you will see on the screen a speaker, just below the call. Touch it, and BOOM! Or, well, at least the call volume boosted, so you even in a noisy environment anyway the combination of the safe can understand. Instance.