Unregistered and Unverified SIMs

Posted on May 18 2011 - 5:28am by Huzoor Bux

Register Mobile SIM
Register Mobile SIM

PTA attempt to deal with unregistered and unverified SIMs is headed for a failure as only a ‘few’ subscribers are getting their numbers verified with their respective operators.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had directed cellular mobile operators to verify SIMs of their subscribers by May 17, after Interior Minister Rehman Malik expressed concern over an increase in the use of unregistered SIMs (May 6).

According to an insider in the telecom industry, an insignificant number of subscribers have got numbers verified through SIM information system 668 since the authority’s directives to the effect.

It has to be as such because this exercise seems to be yet another attempt to harass the public because the number 668 replies with auto-generated message with a directive to visit the service provider irrespective of the fact whether the subscriber has the SIM in his name or otherwise.

It is suggested that a mechanism is developed so that if the SIM is in the name of the subscriber, he should not be asked to visit the service centre of the respective cellular company.

This will save subscribers the hassle of visiting cellular network offices to get SIM/SIMs verified, particularly when one has connections of different service providers.

I believe this suggestion needs to be given a serious thought in the interest of the people, particularly the elderly and women.