Unlocking Mobiles Becomes Crime on Saturday in the U.S.

Posted on Jan 24 2013 - 8:19pm by Huzoor Bux

In Oct 2012, the Librarian of Congress, who determines exemptions to a strict anti-hacking law called the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” (DMCA), determined that unlocking mobiles would not be permitted. But the librarian gives 90day duration in which people could still purchase a mobile and unlock it. That duration ends on Jan 26.

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Advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) ques whether the DMCA has the authority to know who can unlock a mobile. In an email to TechNewsDaily, EFF attorney Mitch Stoltz said:
“Arguably, locking phone users into one carrier is not at all what the DMCA was meant to do. It’s up to the courts to decide.”

If you do purchase a new mobile and want to unlock it before the deadline, you must 1st ask your carrier if the company will unlock your mobile for you. The DMCA only permits you to unlock your mobile yourself once you have asked your carrier 1st.

But on Sat,  if you unlock your mobile you will break the law. If you want to get in under the gun, you can search the Internet for the code to enter to unlock the mobile or find a tool that will help you accomplish the task.