Too much money? Buy a Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on Oct 11 2012 - 4:51am by Huzoor Bux

Hmmmnee. Until now we use our Samsung Galaxy S3 with a lot of fun, and really, there was no time when the lack of crystals was a problem. Really. But should that not be the case for you, then check the following.

Amosu has namely – in her line ‘Swarovski phones – the Samsung Galaxy S3 Swarovski released. This is a simple Galaxy S3, but with more bling bling. And for just £ 2,099 – 2,600 euros. Then you get a free leather case when, in the color of your choice.

About 2600 euros what many find a new Galaxy S3 may also send current device. For the paltry sum of £ 1,399 – 1,750 euros – Amosu it provides the same dazzling outfit.

Incidentally Amosu delivers a crystal of anticipated iPhone 4S. In the pink! Can not argue about taste, but sometimes …