Tip: Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and where you find them (Part 1)

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 5:41pm by Huzoor Bux

As we now know, the Samsung S3 Galaxy on a large pile of little tricks. What we noticed when we received our unit is that we had best to find some of these functions, or that we do still had to activate itself. This is reflected in a number of questions that we saw come over to our Q & A Galaxy S3 . To get you help if you’re just a Galaxy S3 have received or ordered, or are planning to order one of them, we have a summary prepared by a number of useful features and how to activate them.

Setting up shortcuts on the lock screen

It seems so logical: of course you can choose which functions on your lock screen – lock screen, to intimates. But to be honest: we had to do some searching before we found out was how they choose. Go to Settings and then go to Security Lock Screen Options (neatly translated, Samsung). At the top you’ll find on the Shortcut, together with a ‘switch’. But if you want to choose the functions you just have the word ‘Shortcut’ tapping. Logical, but you should just know.

Camera quickly start the lock screen

You can change your lock screen a shortcut to your camera (which is there by default). But you can also use this shortcut place for anything else, if you alternate camera shortcut set. You can then start the camera by your finger on the lock screen to send your Galaxy S3 and a quarter turn. Go to Settings -> Security -> Lock Screen Options -> check “unlock Camera ‘in.

Call directly activate

Already described the Direct Call Function as one of the great tricks that Samsung S3 has ingrained in the Galaxy. We had this one first activate the SMS screen seamlessly before a call to commit the unit to the ear to move. Go to Settings to Motion, check if necessary very top ‘Movement Activation “, while link below” Immediately call’ field.

Tap on top!

No, it’s not a silly game of the bunch. It is Samsung’s gesture to jump to the top of a list be able to return by double tapping on top of you Galaxy S3. This link you via Settings -> Motion -> Tap on top. In this menu you will find, as you probably already have seen, still many small tricks. Try them out especially!

Sweep across the screen for screenshot

Almost at the bottom of the Settings -> Motion menu, you can find ‘Swipe for Avatar. Check it, and you can make a screenshot by the side of your hand across the width of the screen to wipe. This is one of our personal favorites (the screenshots in this article are of course in this way swept), if only because it is semi-futuristic looks (No! We are not a Star Trek fans!) (No more, at least).

Camera burst mode

Who’s Galaxy Samsung S3 Unpack presentation has seen, knows a lot of attention is paid to the new camera and its speed and capabilities. One is the mode that allows you to attract many consecutive shots can be taken by the camera button hold. But Samsung Samsung would not function if they secretly would give a different name. So if you’re in the camera app, select the middle icon on the left (as you say the unit on its side to hold the camera button to the right) and choose ‘Continuous Shooting’. You can then use the ‘Best Record’ function is also to put the device if you want to decide which of the pictures taken in quick succession is best.
Zoom in and out with the camera

And if you still have the camera in front of you: can zoom in and out either by using the volume buttons, or a “pinch to zoom ‘gesture. Fast, simple, and as fine.

So far this summary. Obviously, we here at SamsungGalaxyS3.nl more similar, and others, post tips. So do not hesitate to keep an eye on us.
Do you have some great tips? Let us know below!
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  • rob stranh

    Camera quick start from lock screen is NOT by default. Misinformation. You have to turn it on in security / lock screen options.