The world’s slimmest Android-based smartphone will be even thinner

Posted on Jul 27 2014 - 12:44am by Huzoor Bux

The world's slimmest Android-based smartphone will be even thinnerChinese manufacturer of mobile devices Gionee preparing to release smartphone GN9005 thickness of 5 mm. Previously, this company has established a world record for the minimum thickness of Android-smartphone, pleased the users devaysom Elife S5.5, the thickness of which is only five and a half millimeters. Thus, if the market does not appear thinner smartphone, then re Gionee offer consumers the slimmest phone planet. Chinese manufacturers of devices gain new opportunities to compete with well-known brands. And it happens, not least thanks to the interest in the Google market saturation inexpensive smartphones.

The world's slimmest Android-based smartphone will be even thinner 2

This was reported by Digital Trends resource citing the Ubergizmo, which is based on the documentation submitted to the Chinese Gionee organization dedicated to the certification of communication devices.

At first glance, it’s just half a millimeter, and nothing at all to say. But when it comes to the thickness of the smartphone, even a slight reduction in thickness is visible and palpable. Oh what, and make thin phones Gionee learned.

It is time to talk about other characteristics of the future the world’s thinnest smartphone. It will have a 4.8-inch screen with a resolution of 720p. Do Elife S5.5 and the screen is larger and higher resolution. If Elife S5.5 based on an eight-processor Cortex-A7 from MediaTek with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz, the central chip GN9005 will be 1.2-GHz quad-core processor, the producer of which is still unknown. The most “ideal” smart phone will have one gigabyte of RAM.

For images in GN9005 provides 8-megapixel camera, and for the self – located above the screen 5 megapixel. Despite its extremely small thickness, the phone will have a 16-gigabyte drive and built-in rechargeable battery 2050 mAh, modest capacity which does not cause any excitement. Although it is clear that in such a slim body powerful battery insert will not work.

At this point in the documentation GN9005 not specified any official name of the phone. No information is available on the date of its release.

For comparison, Elife S5.5, according to GSMArena, boasts a five-inch AMOLED-display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels at a density of ~ 441 ppi. This handset from Gionee was released in March 2014. He has a 13-megapixel primary and a 5-megapixel camera more. Powered smartphone receives from a non-removable battery capacity of 2300 mAh. Internal Drive – 16 GB, and RAM – 2 GB. Smart phone, which is considered the world’s thinnest currently no chipset based Mediatek MT6592.

Chinese companies do not cease to amaze. Previously, Motorola was sold to the Chinese search giant Google device maker Lenovo. This company has been well known for its relatively inexpensive but powerful enough “umnofonami.” And over time, a twenty smartphones can become so massive that those times when a smart phone was expensive and even prestigious thing, and all will be forgotten.

Whenever reported on another record in reducing the thickness of the phone, there is one and the same question. But … have to start from afar. The weak point of the modern mobile devices are their batteries. Smartphones and tablets have to charge every day and even more often. If you make them thicker, they would have contained a more capacious battery. Is it so important that the phone was thick piece of cardboard? Is it worth this much valued by users indicator to equip smart phones too weak for their batteries?

Why thickness of the phone is considered as an important parameter? You can understand when it comes to its size. The thinner bezel around the screen, the more compact phone with the same display size as the larger device. So the dream of the phone which will completely devoid of the frame around the display, it is quite rational. Dreaming about them, people will eventually ask for a more convenient devices.

If your smartphone is not too thick, then there are a few millimeters so essential?