The Samsung Galaxy S3: the day after (a preview)

Posted on May 4 2012 - 4:37pm by Huzoor Bux

If you already almost a year of blogging about any device – in our case the Samsung Galaxy S3 – before they finally officially unveiled, you can say that you have passed all the rumors coming from a 1080p Full HD display, a 16 megapixel camera to metal / ceramic / aluminum enclosures. And if you hope that even the wildest rumors prove true, then chances are not great that the reality is disappointing? Our answer to this question.


Purely judging by the specifications that we have seen earlier posts that seem more the Galaxy S3 is an upgrade compared to the S2 closer to the truth to lie. The quad-core processor is undoubtedly insane, and by far the fastest in the coming months on the market will be found. And despite that Samsung has selected the graphics processor to upgrade – just to give a higher clock speed – the device will do what it should do fine. And fast!


After all the rumors about a new type of screen, it now seems as if the screen “only” a 720p Super AMOLED type – the same that we saw earlier in Note such as the Galaxy and Galaxy Nexus. It now appears, Samsung is not far that they Super AMOLED Plus screens with HD resolution in such numbers that they can produce are suitable for a device where there are tens of millions will be sold. Is this bad? A little – for the true gadget freak, that is. The typical user will probably not suffer from it – indeed, even a Super HD AMOLED screen looks just fantastic with a pixel density of above 300 pixels per inch. Samsung – specifically for the Galaxy S3 – substantially tinkered with the color of the device so that the image contrast as natural as rich as we had hoped. How this practice has been unpacked in the coming weeks will really show.

Designed for …?

Perhaps the biggest surprise – and conclusion – is that Samsung unlike last year, much less has wagered groundbreaking technology, and much more on the software and overall user experience. The accompanying slogan “Designed for Humans’ is of course quite, well, um, silly – but if the device does what it should do, on an easy and pleasant way, this new strategy sometimes can turn out very well. But again, again, that must prove themselves in practice – not on paper.


What we personally – even after longer considered to have – a bit unfortunate is that there are rumors of a metal or ceramic housing where few shows. Again, Samsung devices on the market or that is surprisingly light, considering its size, but that is constructed primarily of plastics. The advantage is clear: the unit remains affordable – and the Galaxy S2 already showed that Samsung delivers a very fine build quality, even without premium materials. But we were there ready to have: a metal, or ceramic Galaxy smart phone.


One positive points, there are also many (next to the impressive quad-core processor), the improved camera , the fact that Samsung holds a removable battery – this is also a nice boost has been given and indeed through a separate accessory wireless rechargeable – and the presence of a genuine microSD slot, and – finally! – A notification light. These points sound less spectacular but weigh heavily when we talk about flexibility and ease of use.
The fact that Samsung has opted for both a 4.8 inch screen and a physical Home button, the screen ensures that you can use in all its glory – that is without some run off to be at the controls as For example, in the Galaxy Nexus is the case.

And so …

The change from Samsung – less emphasis on groundbreaking specifications – does not mean that the Galaxy S3 as a whole probably just as a house. The hardware is – if we forget the extremely high expectations – really just top-notch. And Samsung’s renewed focus on software and ease of use – provided they succeeded shows – actually a logical step.