The Samsung Galaxy S3 explained: Quad Core

Posted on Aug 15 2012 - 5:14am by Huzoor Bux

Hiphiphip anno 2012: a ‘quad core’ smartphone! What we did last year were as happy as a child with a dual core model as the Samsung S2 Galaxy (yes, we are), this year is “quad core” that the clock strikes. But for anyone who does not really ‘into’ the technical aspects of their mobile phone is: what is “quad core”, and what would this be good?

 Quad Core

The big question is: what is a ‘core’? For the answer we have to think that a smartphone, of course, really just a computer. And the beating heart of a computer’s processor – say the main computer chip. Vroegah was just a processor chip that could calculate things. But at some point processors were equipped with multiple units – cores, or ‘cores’. In PCs and laptops, this is a development that took place some time ago, but in smartphones, this is only a phenomenon of the past few years.

If you are anywhere in ads for the Samsung Galaxy S3 so the term “quad core” meet, this means that the unit has a processor with four cores.

And … why is that?

Simply put, four works faster than one. Of course you can use a quad core smartphone faster call – but the service goes a lot smoother if the computer inside faster. The other advantage is what theoretical. Because many operations on such a fast processor can execute its slippers is also saves energy, causing the battery lasts longer.

So …

If you read that the Samsung Galaxy S3 a quad core smartphone “is this really you just perceive it as: it can be very smooth operation, and the battery takes longer on a single charge.

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