The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5? (Hint: no)

Posted on Jan 2 2014 - 1:48pm by Huzoor Bux

It remains a treasure trove of information, the grab bag that USPTO patent –  United States Patent and Trademark Office – hot. Last week, a patent application was published, Samsung obviously. And what do we see? A smartphone with unknown design, which immediately raises the question of whether we see a glimpse of the design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 , or – as an S Pen stylus seems to be present – the Galaxy Note 4 . But list of reasons why that is not the case, is long.

samsung-galaxy-s5-note-4-patent-design-galaxyclub-info-1 In itself, we see the images in the patent application, a pretty nice device: slim, and with a beautiful curves that come together at the sides making the unit probably seems even thinner than it is.  So far, so good –  such a design in paper a welcome change from the famous Galaxy design style.


Nevertheless drop some things. First, the patent application for over eighteen years old, and therefore one of the many that Samsung has since filed. Of course it can go at least a blueprint for a new ‘language’ – but that would be really happen. Add the fact that Samsung is the actual design of a new device normally only be captured when the device is launched – with the result that the corresponding patent application is published only months after release – and the likelihood that we are actually a new Galaxy see shrinks like snow in the sun.


And then there is the conspicuous absence of several key features: no rectangular Home button – now an important feature of Samsung’s Galaxy devices – and Missing Power – and volume keys on the side. Of course it is perfectly possible to build a smartphone without this kind of physical buttons, but Samsung will not get a Galaxy S5 (or Note 4) launch with hardware that is different from previous devices. Finally, an important feature of a Galaxy phone – the user – that you as a user should be familiar with it immediately.

And then there’s the missing micro-USB 3.0 connection yet, and the fact that the presumed S Pen from the old model is that Samsung used before the Galaxy Note 3. Or the placement of the camera, flash and speaker that comes directly from the Galaxy S3. For etc., and so on.

So no, what we see is not the Galaxy S5 nor the Galaxy Note 4. What we see is a patent application filed by Samsung is likely to capture, such as the tapered side or another, difficult to guess design aspect. Certain rough ideas Anyway, the images stimulate the imagination, and that’s worth something.