The official global video advertising Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on Jun 28 2012 - 11:21am by Huzoor Bux

Oh dear, the Olympics have not even begun and already we are bombarded by Samsung’s massive PR campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Or well, the spots that we last week were put here for the American market meant, so that really count for us in Europe not count.
Now Samsung has the official, worldwide promo film of the device published – in the long version of course. And to be honest, now begins to dawn on us a bit how the Koreans their slogan “Designed for Humans’ intended. The video put no emphasis on the technique – but the use by the gay sapiens in different situations. Of course, here and there a bit exaggerated, but hey – it’s a TV commercial after all.
Fun is the nursery rhyme that around 1:40 in is displayed:

“E for the Engine that’s lighted with coke
F for the Funnel that puffs out the smoke”