The new Samsung Exynos 4 Quad 4412 under the microscope

Posted on May 1 2012 - 10:36am by Huzoor Bux

So – after a long period of conflicting rumors we know since last week : Samsung has introduced its new Galaxy S3 with a quad-core processor, the Exynos 4412 – presented by Samsung under the name 4 Quad. Although some die hard gadget fans are disappointed that this processor ‘are still’ on the known ARM Cortex A9 architecture based, there are some significant improvements in comparison with such as the A9 dual core Exynos 4210 of the Galaxy S2.




The most obvious improvement – doubling the number of cores – speaks for itself so much that we talk about it. Much more interesting is the Quad Exynos 4 manufactured on a 32 nanometer process. Last year, A9 SoC still baked on a 45nm process, and Nvidia’s Tegra chip 3 such as, we find in HTC’s One X is also of this generation. On the profits of a 32nm process we wrote earlier –  faster, less power consumption  – but there is more improved with the new 4 Quad SoC.

Unlike the Galaxy S2 Exynos 4210, the new 4 Quad cores are completely independent control – voltage, clock speed – and even on or off completely. Gain in speed, this will not yield, but the reduction of energy consumption even more. Partly because Samsung claims that its new quad-core SoC 20% more efficient than the dual core chip of the Galaxy S2.



Last but not least, the effort worthy of mention that the new Samsung Exynos SoC has provided new generation ISP – Image Signal Processor. So although it is quite possible that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a camera with ‘but’ an eight-megapixel resolution (the latest rumors about a 12 MP camera Leaving aside), there does exist a significant upgrade over the camera the Galaxy S2.