The main features of the new Moto X

Posted on Sep 12 2014 - 10:22am by Huzoor Bux

The main features of the new Moto X

Updated the flagship of the American company Motorola failed outright surprise fans of high technology. The reason for this lies not only in the use of the old name, but also significantly improved performance. Among the most notable: a quad-core Snapdragon processor 801, a display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 13-megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM. However, this news surprises do not end there. Today we talk about the five main features of the new Moto X, which leaves an extremely pleasant experience. What are they? Let us know as soon as possible.

Attention to detail

After the presentation of the South Korean Samsung Galaxy Alpha became apparent that the main trend this year – the use of metal in the body of the smartphone. Motorola experts understand this very well, and therefore decided to make changes in the design once the plastic device.

The main features of the new Moto X 1

Today Moto X can boast aluminum frames, and no one can accuse the company of ignoring the tastes of users. And is it necessary?

For connoisseurs

Last year, a truly unexpected feature of the original version of Moto X is the ability to self-select the color of almost every element of the smartphone. However, most of the attention that naturally honored wooden rear cover, the idea of using that hit the spot and the other producers.

The main features of the new Moto X 2

In case the company’s representatives went further and suggested that users try a leather back. Obviously, this innovation will be greatly appreciated.

For active users

What is the main advantage of the flagship Xperia Z? Certainly, the presence of dust and water protection standard IP58. Unfortunately, this the new Moto X no, but engineers still take care of some sort of protection.

We are talking about a special nano-coating, which is applied in the development process. It will help you survive the smartphone after rain or accidental contact with liquids.

To better hear from you

Few people know, but it is only through devaysa Motorola had committed the first mobile phone call in the history of mankind. Considerable experience in the industry is the result of a remarkable sound quality microphones in the vast majority of devices of this manufacturer.

The main features of the new Moto X 3

Now, however, Motorola has decided not to stay and introduced four microphones. According to the manufacturers, it will provide crystal clear sound even in noisy places.

To save time,

Beloved by many Touchless Control turned into Moto Voice. According to our colleagues from PhoneArena , now you can not only change the phrase to activate this function, but also to use it in applications, Facebook, YouTube and even WhatsApp.

Is it enough to all of the above for an updated flagship title? Share your opinion in the comments.