The Great Online Shopping Festival Comes to Pakistan

Posted on Sep 27 2016 - 11:28am by Huzoor Bux

With the Pakistani e-commerce spectrum going up and up by leaps and bounds as each month passes by, the promise being shown by leading tech hubs in not only Pakistan but abroad just resonates the fact that many great things are coming in the e-commerce space of our country.

The Great Online Shopping Festival Comes to Pakistan

One testament to this fact is the #GOSF coming to Pakistan! Yes, that’s right! Now many might not be familiar with what it is but #GOSFPK is The Great Online Shopping Festival which is powered by the Jang Group and is coming to Pakistan in support of Google!

With leading brands like, and taking part in possibly the biggest online shopping festival of Pakistan, one can expect the event to be the most memorable in the online spectrum and one that will lure consumers in to shopping online more than ever. The premise behind the #GOSFPK is to bring into limelight the leading online ventures of Pakistan and above all, to benefit the shoppers by offering them steep discounts over a course of the 3 days of the shopping festival.

Consumers have to be vary and on their toes because in order for them to reap the maximum amount of benefit of the #GOSFPK they will have to keep an eye out for the occasional flash sales that offer even steeper discounts during the course of this festival.

What can you buy?

Well, simply put, the answer to that question is everything! Yes, that’s correct, from electronics, lawn suits, gadgets, gaming consoles to even airline tickets and hotel bookings. The #GOSFPK brings together all of the major ecommerce players of the Pakistani market with a goal to offer the best deals and discounts to the consumers of Pakistan.

The #GOSFPK is the only festival of its kind where the consumers will witness over 50 leading e-commerce brands of Pakistan battle it out in the competition of who can give the best deals and the biggest discounts. The battle will last for 72 hours so keep your laptops charged and your smartphones by your side because this is one festival you definitely will regret missing.