The big who has it all circus is coming (levertijden!)

Posted on May 27 2012 - 9:36am by Huzoor Bux

Anyone with a bit interested know: beginning next week the first Samsung Galaxy S3 devices in the mail to those who’m already at an earlier stage have ordered – hopefully soon followed by the rest of the Netherlands.
Last year showed the demand for the Samsung Galaxy S2 around the release date so great that real delays arose in the shops and providers – delays sometimes amounted to nearly one month. It seems that Samsung this year which is less likely to be surprised, and we hope that is right from the start will be shipped enough phones for everyone who wants one, not long in waiting.

Nevertheless, we predict now that the first weeks the effort can pay for whatever different stores in the watch, if you want a Samsung Galaxy S3 bestellen.Wij will go here than an up-to-date list will keep the next time when you can see what store / provider how quickly the unit delivers.
Of course we response from you – the visitors – therefore is greatly appreciated. Do you store your phone in order X, and Y days after receiving? Let us know! Do you have your device already ordered 2 weeks ago, but you get to hear that you have to wait another 2 weeks later? Let us know! Have you ordered pizza, but received a Galaxy S3?