The battery life of your discs 3 double? Simple, you put a 6,500 mAh battery!

Posted on Nov 18 2013 - 5:06am by Huzoor Bux

The Galaxy Note 3 Samsung is one of the few devices that today are somewhat on the energy needs of the user to comply. Through many a blog and owner of the Note 3 – to say nothing of our own Galaxy Note 3 review – we can surely state with certainty that the battery (3200 mAh) Samsung’s latest handset is more than reasonable, looking at the competition course .


But apparently the battery manufacturer Mugen not entirely agree. Yesterday the company has a brand new battery knew namely on its website to place , and you guessed it, it is nothing less than a gigantic 6500 mAh battery in your Galaxy Note 3. According Mugen, the new battery exactly 2:03 times longer than the current standard battery that comes with the Note 3.

Do not panic, the NFC feature of your Note 3 remains useable, because Mugen has naturally its own NFC integration in its batteries. The ‘but’ to the story? You guessed it, fits the 6500 mAh battery is not only in capacity but also in terms of gigantic dimensions. The monster only because not just in your phone. When you purchase the so-called Mugen HLI-N9005XL why you get a separate cover for the back of your device. This is considerably larger than the original, but it allows you to do so the battery life of your discs 3 double.

Oh yeah, the HLI-N9005XL to pick you must put down. a small fee of $ 98.50 in house (Excluding shipping from America …)