The alternative: a loose Galaxy S3 with a sim-only subscription

Posted on May 22 2012 - 8:23am by Huzoor Bux

The following article is not intended to profit by the third sim-only user – which has its benefits long is watching. But we have noticed that many people, due to recent price increases at the “big” providers are looking for alternatives to subscriptions 40, 50 or more per month cost.

It is all probably noticed, in the past eight months, the price in the country’s major providers soared. And this, while the quantity of available data in the Internet bundles seem shrunk proportionally. Add that – for a free phone – two years stuck to a single subscription, and it is clear why sim-only accounts so popular – and increasingly popular.
What you get for how much a sim-only subscription? A small calculation example, one of the most popular sim-only subscriptions at the moment: Are Efficient (check him HERE) . The starting rate for this subscription is € 2.99, for 50 minutes and 50 SMS messages (after 12 months: € 3.99). But a device like the Samsung Galaxy S3 you’ll want a data bundle – just for all functions that make sure that 50 minutes and 50 SMS per month more than enough. For an extra tender you get 1000 MB of data per month – during the first six months. Then it costs 1000 MB € 16.99. Or if you find that much: for € 7.99 you get 500 MB (after six months € 9.99).
All in all do you have a subscription with 50 minutes, 50 SMS, and 1000 MB of data for € 12.98 per month – after six months than the € 19.98 and € 20.98 after 12 months. Suppose you do nothing else: this subscription will cost you € 18.73 on average for two years.
Of course, while you still have a loose Samsung Galaxy S3 buying. If you know it costs more, you see that a sim-only subscription is not really so much cheaper than a subscription to one of the major providers with a Galaxy S3. But remember, you have one thing in return: flexibility – at least among some providers. You can ‘t cancel when you want, and you’re not two years down to high monthly costs.

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