Sony releases Xperia flash tool in beta

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 5:11pm by Huzoor Bux


There is no denying that of all the Android OEMs, Sony’s the most costumer-friendly. With a past record encompassing consistent and transparent software updates, easily unlocked bootloaders, a former flagship that’s been in and out of AOSP and now this — an Xperia flash tool — the company’s on a roll. Released today on the mobile outfit’s developer site, the beta tool allows Xperia users with unlocked bootloaders to revert back to Sony’s lightly-skinned stock ROMs. Currently, only the Xperia S, arc and arc S are supported, but work is underway to include additional handsets. If you’re rocking a compatible phone, the process is as simple as downloading the program from its dev portal, connecting your device, selecting the available “services” (read: Xperia ROMs), flashing your ROM of choice and then rebooting. Easy enough, no?