So you play Fruit Ninja on the Galaxy S3: with a knife (+ how to make a stylus)

Posted on Jun 25 2012 - 4:21pm by Huzoor Bux

The game Fruit Ninja is one of the more popular Android games. Pieces of fruit fly across the screen, and like a true ninja – indeed, this is what real ninjas do – you should chop it into pieces. This is of course the opportunity to scratch resistance of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to test – if you’ve left a knife instead of your fingers, of course.

The Galaxy S3 features the second generation of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. And so a knife on the screen of the device should be no problem. And as far as we can see, this is not. And yet we do not try it yourself. Light huh? (This implicitly we recommend to our visitors not to do. Who does it anyway: fine, but we have no responsibility for, understood?)
Oh, and forwards: the makers of the video above also offer a handy guide to making yourself a stylus. If you have a spoon soon you save the cost of the official C-Pen – the special stylus for the Galaxy S3. Although this solution is not very compact, it is possible also not necessary to the home-made stylus to be transported. Chances are that wherever you go, there’s always a spoon is finally available.

And for those who are wondering: the above device is not using Samsung’s UX Nature launcher, but Apex Launcher – Play can be found in the Google Store.