Six cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted on May 7 2012 - 5:47am by Huzoor Bux

The show is over, the dust cleared, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a fact – even if we have a few more weeks to wait until it actually hit the shelves. There is a lot to discuss, explore, and highlight, and we’re going here next week certainly do. But first we put six striking and important features of the Galaxy S3 in a row.

The display unit

Had you already read somewhere that many gadget freaks are disappointed with the display of the Galaxy S3, because it is an unique, pioneering type turns out to be? Think again carefully: a 4.8 inch display of the Super AMOLED type with a pixel density of over 300. In normal Dutch: a huge screen with an amazing contrast – black is really black on a AMOLED screen, because no backlight is used, as on the LCD screen – and so sharp that even small print, such as browsing, perfectly legible . In addition, Samsung has made significant improvements in the color of the Galaxy S3, so photos, movies and other graphics look natural look. In fact, the Galaxy S3 on the same screen as the Galaxy Note, but smaller than 0.5 inches, so with a higher pixel density.

Stay Smart

Have you heard the last of your smart phone? If you do not touch the screen for a while dims automatically after a set some seconds or minutes, or the phone goes off because it ‘thinks’ that you had nothing to do – something to while you are actually reading or viewing. The Galaxy S3 follows, using the camera on the front of the unit, the eyes of the user, and thus assures that normally stays on the screen while you look at it. A simple but potentially very nice feature.





Smart Alert

You’re busy – work, study – and of course your phone is on silent. In between, should get out there – which we do not speculate – so grab your phone. At the moment you pick up the Galaxy S3 vibrates briefly to let you feel that your calls, messages or emails, missed or received. Funnily enough, the Samsung S3 Galaxy finally offer a notification light – which is about the same thing without shaking. But with Smart Alerts, you do not agree to look at – the device shows the very direct itself.




Direct Call

Smartphones are very handy, you can do so with it, sometimes you wish it forever scrolling through menus and contact lists, searching for the “Call Now” button until the past. With Direct Call notes the Samsung S3 the Galaxy, if you read a text message, or themselves are typing, and phone to your ear moves. Without anything further to do anything on your screen, the phone rings the person you just sat with Texting.


S Voice

Samsung’s new S Voice is also jokingly called the ‘Siri’ of the Galaxy called S3. In itself, we find this fine, if we Siri therefore Vlingo to call Apple. When it comes to the crunch, they are all applications of known and best-made voice command applications. But the good thing is: they just keep getting better! Vlingo on Galaxy S2 was, well, let’s say, funny, Siri been a lot better, and S Voice works even better – check the ‘ Woodchuck test which didn’t Siri. The big disadvantage: like Siri speaks the Galaxy S3 yet no Dutch.


Indeed, Dropbox – whether or not known ‘cloud service’ which enables you to store files in your own ‘Dropbox’, which you have access everywhere: on the PC, laptop, work, school, and from your galaxy S3. Users of the device for 2 years get 50 GB of free storage space available to them – more than any other device, and twice as much as, say, the HTC X. One