Scroll through your home screens Galaxy S3

Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 5:05am by Huzoor Bux

What was formerly the village square, is today the home screen of an Android smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3: these are the center of all interactions. On the Samsung Galaxy S3 seven home screens you can make, and keep them accessible to all is quickly navigate a must . Of course you just with your fingertips from screen to screen back and forth sweeping – sorry, ‘swipe’ – but did you know that there are three other methods?

If you click on any screen ‘zoom’ (two fingers on the screen and move towards each other – also known as “pinch to zoom ‘), you get a complete overview of all home screens. You can immediately find to which you want to.
Another method uses the ‘dots’ that you see standing in a row, just above your fixed icons at the bottom. Each dot represents a home screen. Tap on a tip, and you go directly to the corresponding screen.
And finally: if you put your finger on that puts dots, changing it into a “slider”: you can then quickly scroll through all your different screens.
The man with the finest accent ever – in English – puts it below all of its fine.
(PS: Of course we understand that the comparison between home screens and a town square is utter nonsense – unless you are the church, bakery, village idiot and install apps, then it is another story)