Save your photos and videos on SD card

Posted on Jul 6 2012 - 4:50am by Huzoor Bux

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S3 one of the strongest features of the device was already known. An important reason is that Samsung, unlike many other manufacturers, relatively low compression applied to keep the files handy. The advantage: better pictures and videos. The downside: a lot bigger files – if you know you always make the highest quality recordings.

But somehow it is a shame for that storage of the device always use for photographs and videos. You do sometimes just a movie tit hoot to watch the plane, or 350 music albums, or …. Well, at least we can well imagine that you are not always all Galaxy S3 storage you want to sacrifice the camera.

Of course the solution is simple, insert a microSD card into your Galaxy S3, ga in the camera app to the institutions (the “gear” icon), scroll down a bit and hej: the second last row of a big options – “Storage” – even offers the ability to choose where the camera stores its files.

Maybe this is a silly tip, but we did a lot people who do not have this option but it stumbled over were wondering it. So here it is!