Samsung Tizen and Firefox can be allies against Android and iOS

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 7:19am by Huzoor Bux

It is clear that Samsung has big plans for its mobile OS Tizen what the Koreans are designing with Intel. In addition to smartphones and tablets knows SamMobile reporting that even car manufacturers (Toyota, Jaguar …) are interested in a possible integration of Tizen in future cars.

Tizen and Firefox can be allies against Android and iOS

But if we are to believe the words of a spokesman for Samsung like the Koreans extend this plan with something we do not often see in this branch of industry. Samsung shows namely interested in working with a rival operating system together and leave during the Conference for establishing timetables HTML5 Fusion Technique know that it wants to work with Mozilla to bring. Tizen and Firefox OS closer together

Firefox OS is focused on low-end devices, and therefore does not appear to be a direct competitor of the Koreans but it would certainly be an interesting move from Samsung as well Tizen seems to focus on both high-end and low-end smartphones. Samsung believes that cooperation between the two is a unique platform can establish that can compete with both Android and iOS from Apple directly. Although it is a far-fetched idea, it could address both parties.

What do you think? Should Samsung and Mozilla join forces or the Koreans better keep to their own developers?