Samsung Sports coming – a wearable fitness accessory from Samsung?

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 4:32am by Huzoor Bux

Through Tweakers we heard that Samsung is probably working on the development of a portable accessory that is specially designed to work at the gym. The famous Dutch technology blog refers to evidence to the American brands USPTO database. (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Last week in the database of the USPTO namely found a section in which such a device is described. Most naturally think right now the Galaxy Gear that came on the market last month. The Gear is able to count your steps, showing notaficties your phone to make phone calls, but he has no specific features aimed at athletes.


The report in the USPTO database is found, we can see that the device – which is provisionally called Galaxy Sports is hidden – will be able to measure your heart rate and blood pressure. Moreover, there are special features dedicated to the measurement of sleep and breathing rhythms. There is nothing known about a possible form in which the device might appear. A little logic takes you quickly to a kind of watch or bracelet, think of a sporty variant of the Galaxy Gear or a similar design as we can see. At the Fuel Band Nike

We wonder what this will end up. When more information is available on the Samsung Sports you read it right here, of course!