Samsung S3 versus HTC Galaxy One X

Posted on May 14 2012 - 5:50am by Huzoor Bux

Currently, every smart phone on the blog are obliged to set up a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, the main Android smartphones of the moment. The only problem: the Samsung Galaxy S3 lands until 29 May in our country. Fortunately we have the best people from GSMArena yet, both devices extensively laid side by side. We summarize.

To go straight to the door in the house to fall – the summary of the summary, you know, we get a few important points in a row:

Points on which HTC One X is better than the Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Poly carbonate body
  • Makes better pictures in lower light
  • Slightly cheaper than the Galaxy S3

Criteria for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the HTC One X:

  • Better screen, bigger, better contrast, better viewing angles, and more readable in sunlight
  • Faster in benchmark tests
  • Better pictures in daylight, and better video recording
  • Battery life is a lot better – and battery is interchangeable
  • Sound quality is slightly better, both speaker and headphone


HTC was the launch of the One X Samsung just a few months too quickly – not just two, to be exact (in early April, versus the end of May). The One X is an impressive device, with a 4.7 inch Super HD LCD, and Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor that besides the four “main” cores, yet a fifth core features for easy tasks – the purpose of the latter is to save energy, so the battery life should go.
A some key surfaces are matched, the two units: the Galaxy S3 has a screen which nips, but is larger, with the same resolution, and thus a pixel density of which a fraction is lower than that of the X. One And although the Exynos processor of the Galaxy S3 does better in several benchmark tests, lack of energy-saving fifth core, so the question is which phone has better battery life. But we begin at the beginning .

Hardware and looks

The most striking difference between the One and the Galaxy X S3 is the material using the devices. Samsung stays true to its philosophy that hard plastic is light and durable, something that they, such as, the Galaxy S2 already demonstrated excellent. The One X HTC HTC’s break with tradition’s aluminum body, and exists on the outside of plastic – polycarbonate, to be exact. The advantage is that the device is not so smooth, and the matte look is best chic looks. The Galaxy S3, just like the Galaxy S2, not directly from its appearance, and although this is highly subjective, making the One X is a more exclusive impression.
Of course also offers Samsung’s hardware approach an advantage: the rear of the device is removable, unlike the one-piece molded body of the One X. The phone’s battery is interchangeable – which X is not the One.


One of the acclaimed features of the X One is the large, crisp LCD screen. The Galaxy S3 suggested some initially disappointing, because the Samsung device has a Super AMOLED screen, with a pentile ‘subpixel matrix (versus the RGB matrix of the One X). In practice, the difference between the two screens – in terms of pixel technology used – in fact negligible. Due to the extremely high pixel density are the disadvantages of a pentile ‘subpixel matrix basically gone. Also the screen of the Galaxy S3 much more readable in direct sunlight, and the picture remains much better at extreme viewing angles. Course makes the Super AMOLED screen on the S3 reputation with excellent contrast – larger than the screen of X. One
In summary we can say that the image of the HTC One X bit sharper – but this is barely visible to the naked eye to perceive. The viewing angles, contrast, and readability in sunlight of the Galaxy S3 are better.


Both devices are equipped with a fine piece of modern technology: a mobile quad-core processor. But to cut a long story short: in addition to the Pi benchmark test, the Galaxy S3 performs better – sometimes a little, sometimes a bit much – than X. One The difference in the Pi Benchmark test is small, and mostly has to do with the slightly lower clock speed of the Galaxy S3. The full list of the tests you can find HERE . Interestingly, the HTC One S – say the smaller brother of the One X – which beats both devices on the Linpack Benchmark and the Pi test.


On camera area have both HTC and Samsung put their shoulders to the wheel, this year. Both devices are equipped with many new features, and done in this area are well-matched. Several direct comparisons show that the Galaxy S3 is that enough to light the most beautiful pictures – less light shines from the One X properly.

In the video area is clearer differences between the two devices: the Galaxy S3 shows beautiful images, thanks to the higher bit rate with which the device captures video. In the words of GSMArena: “the Galaxy S III is just too good to compete with.

The Samsung Galaxy S3:

The HTC One X:

Sound Quality
As we reported here earlier, Samsung Galaxy S3 with a great sound converter . The expectation is that the device is overall better sound quality than the X. One Be it the One X is equipped with HTC’s famous Beats Audio technology, but this is a software upgrade – say, a separate equalizer setting. This difference is also heard in the practical test, where the Galaxy S3 on all fronts offers better sound through both the speaker and by the headphones. The difference between the two devices is in the latter case be small. The Galaxy S3 generates less noise than the One X, and has a greater range.


As we already mentioned, the HTC One X on a four-plus-one core processor. The fifth core, the so-called “idle core”, is specific to light is present processes to be carried out in a way that less of the battery takes over when one or more of the large nuclei would have to work. The Galaxy S3 lacks such extra computational core, but surprisingly it does not let itself marks in the battery life – at least not in comparison with X. One On all fronts, the battery of the Galaxy S3 longer than that of X One.

The smallest is the difference when it comes to talk time. The Galaxy S3 takes 10 hours and 20 minutes, while the One X 23 minutes earlier leaves. When it comes to Internet browsing, the Galaxy S3 almost an hour longer than the One X: 5 hours and 17 minutes versus 4 hours and 18 minutes. The biggest difference we find when it comes to video playback – probably because the Super AMOLED screen is more economical than the LCD screen of the X One With the same settings, the One X for 5 hours and 45 minutes full – the Galaxy S3 comes only at the border after 10 hours and 1 minute.

Final Conclusion

GSMArena suggests that when it comes design, the HTC One X probably will appeal to more people. But the quality of technique and performance of the unit concerned, there is a clear ‘winner’: on almost all fronts operates the Galaxy S3 better, longer and / or faster than the X. One Only when taking pictures in low light, the S3 X One obvious to let go.
It is clear that HTC with One X is a great device in the Android race has. The fact that a thorough comparison between the two devices is worth, indicates that the race is far from gone – already know Samsung S3 with the Galaxy again to show still lonely at the top of the Android platoon driving.

  • Naki

    Well, both of them are polycarbonate. One more thing, HOX uses old S2 image sensor. which means, technically there is no way HOX’s camera is better than S3.

  • ugur kaya

    These tests will need to do again. HTC One x has 2 critical update.