Samsung S3 Galaxy news at a glance

Posted on Aug 1 2012 - 6:47am by Huzoor Bux

For many people it is now holiday – so do we. Regular visitors have probably noticed that our coverage is now what is more economical than normal. And so we now only as a small circle Samsung S3 Galaxy news in a nutshell.

Special Olympic sleeves

Samsung and the Olympic Games, two hands on belly. And thus introduces the Korean group a number of exclusive accessories for the Olympic Galaxy S3. There is the special flip cover with a clear theme London (left photo below), and the pouch and cover designed by Choi Bumsuk (yes, yes – right picture below). The only problem: we do not really know how our country can come to these special accessories. The first flip cover is now sold in London in Samsung’s mobile ‘Pop up shops, and Bumsuk’s designs for our country completely unknown.

Samsung sells over 50 million smartphones

For anyone with a penchant for large numbers it was an exciting week: Samsung makes its quarterly results for the past quarter. And make a long story to summarize: it is fine with the company, and Samsung is now with the very large distance, largest producer of smartphones. The number two on this ‘list’, Apple sold just over half as many iPhones : Samsung’s 26 against more than 50 million .

Fuss around a search feature

The Copts last days all the major tech blogs that Samsung in the light of the legal battle with Apple’s local search function of the Galaxy S3 was removed with the last update. To quickly found this was not a result of legal complications, but simply a mistake. And so this feature is back after an even newer update. For Dutch, it was all really a storm in a teacup, since the update that took away the feature was rolled out here yet.

Hands-on with a red Samsung Galaxy S3

Achja, as it still is cucumber time we can still have the first hands-on video show with the official Red Garnet Galaxy S3, specially for U.S. provider AT & T. What do you think? Would you buy such a red as those available in the Netherlands would be? Or we miss him here is not really?


  • Riley

    I’ve had the GSIII in red for a little more than a few days, and I love all the features of this phone. LTE is my favorite feature by far. I really like streaming, so my Dish coworkers suggested that I look for a phone with LTE, and the Galaxy SIII seemed like the best choice. Once I downloaded the Dish Remote Access app on my phone, I was streaming live and recorded shows to my phone through the Sling Adapter I have connected to my receiver at home in no time. If this is how good Samsung products are now, I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with in the future, such as a new Galaxy phone.