Samsung plant possible Windows Phone version of the Galaxy S3

Posted on Apr 28 2012 - 4:50am by Huzoor Bux

According to rumors, Samsung is considering a Windows Phone device on the market that is heavily based on the Galaxy S3.
If all goes well, this heft – around October – the latest version of the Windows Mobile operating system on the market, Windows 8. Although it is not clear whether such a device Samsung also an ultra-fast quad-core processor provided, it is quite possible for the same screen would be used.

It is almost ironic to think that Samsung just title of ‘Biggest telephone manufacturerNokia has taken over – the Nokia that has thrown almost entirely on Microsoft’s mobile operating system. If Samsung S3 with a Galaxy variant with Windows Phone 8 on the market, they offer a device that technically everything that Nokia has to offer far, far ahead.
Of course it is good to keep in mind that almost a year ago, similar rumors about Samsung’s Galaxy S2. And indeed, this unit has never happened – hence the new rumor is better eaten with a generous scoop of salt.