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Posted on Mar 17 2014 - 7:29am by Huzoor Bux

The future of the Galaxy series of smartphones which we all love is the next huge issue in the planet of mobile technology. Yes, we tend to are talking of the abundant anticipated and speculated Samsung Galaxy S6, that is predicted to revolutionize the mobile market with its leading edge technology.

Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon

The Galaxy S6 is the subsequent big thing to happen in the world of technology, when the recent showcasing of the Galaxy S5 in the Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2014, in Barcelona in February end. The Korean smartphone giant Samsung is currently the most successful phone brand in terms of sales,way ahead of others like Apple and HTC, and enjoys a firm loyalty base among Android users. Therefore the Galaxy S6 is also expected to be a resounding success all over the world.

Several concept images of the Galaxy S6 have surfaced on the internet , which have completely different takes on how it would possibly look. It’s being highly rumored that now spherical, Samsung might select to feature an aluminum body on the Galaxy S6, deviating from the ancient plastic polycarbonate bodies used in Galaxy series smartphones thus way, as well as the latest Galaxy S5.

The smartphone is one among the foremost searched when concept phones on the web, and is also expected to be one hell of a performer. It is very much likely that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a rugged smartphone with waterproof feature(like the S5), but it is also expected to be quite a good wanting device,thanks to metallic unibody exterior.

The world is waiting with bated breath for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and Google’s Android and Chrome development head Sundar Pichai has “assured” people that the Galaxy S6 that releases someday next year can most undoubtedly run on Google’s in style Android platform(scan the whole interview here) , although which version of the OS can be used is unclear.

Judging by the trend set by Samsung in releasing their flagship smartphones, we tend to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will unharness sometime around summer 2015,ie around February or March next year, as previous phones in the series,like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 have conjointly been unveiled throughout similar periods in their respective years.

Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon

When shopping for a premium smartphone, there are specific points the client appearance for in a very product, that are mainly the value and therefore the specifications of the device. In different words these are the aspects which you most undoubtedly need to know about the Galaxy S6, which we tend to will offer during this section.

The Galaxy S6 might be priced at around $80zero USD, or 700 Euros, which means it will be a high-end device, and thus comes with the premium pricing. However still, the money got the device will be well worth it, as a result of of the gorgeous specs the Galaxy S6 is expected have, and rest assured you may not be disappointed with this fantastic thing about a phone.

The smartphone can undoubtedly be a powerhouse performer, and can live upto most expectations of the user, with swish usability. For people who are inquisitive about the detailed specifications of the device.

The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is actually the phone to seem out for in 2015, and therefore the competition ought to watch out for this smartphone since it’s expected to be an enormous success, carrying on Samsung’s impeccable legacy as market leader in worldwide smartphone sales.

We have a tendency to at are quite positive that the Galaxy S6 is the subsequent massive factor in the planet of smartphones, largely thanks to its revolutionary design, and monstrous specs like 4K display, Exynos vi processor and others.

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  • the concept looks really impressive..galaxy s6

  • Nice phones are coming this year and this is one of them.

  • When is Galaxy S6 coming to India ?

    • I think it will release around February 2014 in India.