Samsung Galaxy S5 runs on the Tizen OS

Posted on Sep 19 2013 - 11:34am by Huzoor Bux

samsung-galaxy-s4-tizenSlowly but surely, the rumor mill surrounding the Samsung Galax S5 in motion. Following the cropped pictures of a Galaxy S4 on Samsung’s own operating system running Tizen, now follows logically the rumor that the Galaxy S5 will be with this operating system. equipped And not on the familiar Android OS will run. But how logical the emergence of this rumor may be, the rumor itself is not.

That Samsung for some time together with Intel is working on its own operating system behind the scenes is known. Indeed, as early as the Galaxy S3 dives are rumors about a possible move to this system called Tizen. But now the time draws near that Samsung Tizen really want to let go on the market plunges directly the question of whether a device like the Galaxy S5 it will run. Even big websites like CNET diving on top like hungry dogs.

Because Android is developed primarily by Google, Samsung has never complete control over the software on their Galaxy series phones. Especially when casting updates this plays tricks on the South Koreans, but also, for example, it means that Samsung potential earnings miss, as the market for applications in the hands of a third party.

So it’s no surprise that Samsung is oriented to a possible step towards independence from Google – and that step so called Tizen. But – and yes, there is the but – the chance that the Galaxy S5 a Tizen smartphone will be is still simply point zero.

Samsung’s Galaxy series product is simply synonymous with Android – Android Galaxy =, say. And although it is not excluded that Samsung anyway the operating system changes, while the rest just keep Galaxy called such a move would be very surprising. Think: Apple an Android phone would make, and him coolly iPhone just keep calling.

Add to this that at a flagship smartphone like the Galaxy S5 so a lot is at stake for the manufacturer, and you can put on the fingers of one hand calculate that there are no risks. And deploy a new operating system, which by no means that far developed as Android, a device which tens of millions – or more – will be sold is a big risk.

This does not mean that there is no Galaxy S5 will appear in full glory running on Tizen. Samsung finally test the system on a variety of hardware configurations. It may well be that even now already Galaxy S5 prototypes circulate with Tizen aboard. But all this does not mean that the risk-based Tizen Galaxy S5 as well as zero point zero.