Samsung Galaxy S5 possible with new head and gesture control

Posted on Jan 11 2014 - 9:05am by Huzoor Bux

Slowly but surely approaching the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . And we did not always see as useful features of the Galaxy S4 already smart, though as  Eye Pause  and  Scroll Eye , Samsung Galaxy S5 possible for the next generation of head-and gesture control in store. This appears, at least from a recently published European patent application.


Central to this patent, the camera on the front of the unit, which is an area for the unit – possibly the Galaxy S5 so – divided into a number of areas. By comparing these areas with each unit may lay movements and gestures, and an action for that link:

 UI method of controlling an operation of a portable electronic device accordion thing to motions (eg, a nod, a face direction, user’s eyes, and the like)

The images shown above from the patent shows how a page can be turned through a zijwaartste head movement – an extension to the existing repertoire Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, especially as the patent describes how certain actions be done after The user confirms the action with a nod. In other words, an action is triggered by a head movement, but requires confirmation by a kink.


This patent application was indeed published yesterday, but all presented in early July 2013, ie, after the release of the Galaxy S4. Because of this – and because the captured opportunities this past Eye Scroll   and other existing features TouchWiz go – we think this patent shows features that will make for the next generation high-end devices from Samsung, including the Galaxy S5 their appearance.

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