Samsung Galaxy S5 For T-Mobile To Sell In 16GB And 32GB Models, With A Catch

Posted on Mar 14 2014 - 12:41pm by Huzoor Bux

U.S. mobile carriers haven’t provided a lot of detail regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5 unharness, but a recently leaked document claims to possess uncovered an fascinating tidbit about how T-Mobile may tackle its launch of the device.

The document surfaced on Wednesday indicating that T-Mobile plans to supply solely the 16GB Galaxy S5 in stores while customers who wish to purchase the 32GB model can should order the handset online. The document doesn’t embody data concerning Galaxy S5’s availability, thus it’s uncertain whether this can be how T-Mobile has founded its initial launch of the Galaxy S5 or if this is how the network plans to offer it in the long term.

Samsung Galaxy S5 For T-Mobile To Sell In 16GB And 32GB Models, With A Catch

If the leaked document is valid, T-Mobile giving each internal storage options for the Galaxy S5 would be an improvement from the previous Galaxy S series releases. Notably, the carrier only offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 in its 16GB option when the Galaxy S4 is also available in 32GB and 64GB options. If T-Mobile is providing the 32GB Galaxy S5, consumers will have an interest to grasp if different U.S. carriers can be providing the larger storage choice in addition. Typically, availability for larger ROM options in the U.S. are limited, with solely one or two carriers selling such handsets, many weeks or months when initial launches.

T-Mobile in recent weeks has been quite vocal regarding the presale interest in its Galaxy S5 model. The Galaxy S5 was unveiled on Feb. twenty four, and simply 2 days later, the carrier announced that it had received additional than a hundred,00zero presale inquiries regarding the device. Less than 2 weeks later, T-Mobile reported that it had received a lot of than 300,000 presale inquiries for the Galaxy S5. Notably, the carrier has added an incentive to its preregistration. Those who sign up for more information on the Galaxy S5 are automatically entered in a very contest to win a free handset. Though preregistration does not verify how several folks will ultimately purchase the T-Mobile Galaxy S5, the carrier is hopeful that the record-breaking interest it has received for the device can translate into equally spectacular sales.