Samsung Galaxy S5 feature? Video calling with multiple people at once

Posted on Nov 27 2013 - 6:06am by Huzoor Bux

In the category ‘would-it-a-new-feature-of-its-for example-the Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘we have today in the offer: a multi-party conference call feature. Or video calls with multiple people at once. That could be an interface design that Samsung recently in South Korea has recorded. Least distract.


In the document filed with the South Korean KIPRIS – Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service – we see an interface that allows video calling with multiple partners.

On the draft submitted – filed July 26, and only recently published – we can see on the right the required buttons, including the ability to use during the conversation the two cameras – something that the current generation Galaxy also sets already ingrained – and to switch between front and rear camera.


Of course there are other ways such video conference calls to perform from your mobile phone (including Samsung’s own ChatOn, but that you can not make video calls with so many people at once – possibly in the future?), but it has tumbled design instills in each If the suggestion that Samsung is planning to default to build this option – available in the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the feature might as well be part of the next generation of the TouchWiz interface, which it will land on multiple devices .

But even in the latter case it is likely that the S5 first will have the option.