Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4: new design and iris scanner

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 4:14pm by Huzoor Bux

The rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S5 and even the Galaxy Note 4 running at full speed. And now it gets a boost from none other than Lee Young Hee, vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, in an interview with Bloomberg  whether or not to open directly a book on both devices.


First confirmed Ms Young Hee that the Galaxy S5 will just come as Samsung’s familiar annual cycle on the market – ie end of April. In addition, let them drop that Samsung is indeed working on the implementation of the previously patented iris scanner – this may result diminutival the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy Note 4 will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner .

But perhaps the most interesting is the fact that Samsung is aware of the fact that the Galaxy S4 according to many users looked too much like the Galaxy S3 . This is the reason that the new generation of high-end devices – will have a new look – the S5 and Note 4 thus:

For the S5, we will go back to the basics. Mostly, it’s about the display and the feel of the cover.

Further, let Bloomberg know in the same article that the Galaxy Note is 4, which will be a three-sided display may provide – possibly about as we saw earlier in this patent application .

And last but certainly not least, is confirmed in the interview that at the same time with the Galaxy S5 will indeed be a successor to the Galaxy Gear launched – Galaxy Gear 2, so to speak.

In any case, it is clear that the launch of the Galaxy S5 – with a 5.25 inch QHD AMOLED display with 2560 by 1440 pixels – will take place, like that of the Galaxy S4 last year sometime in March. Although the price of the device is not yet known, it seems likely that it will be that of the S4 to launch similar: a suggested retail price of 750 euros, and a retail price at 700 euros without subscription.