Samsung Galaxy S3 Stay Smart explained

Posted on Aug 10 2012 - 11:01am by Huzoor Bux

One of the great new features that Samsung S3 in the Galaxy has been ingrained Stay Smart. Stay Smart ensures that the screen stays on as long as you look at it – not after a fixed several seconds or minutes, turning off. Through the camera on the front of the unit detects the Galaxy S3 or your eyes for the display. Or so says the theory.


From some comments from visitors here shows that many people wonder whether Stay Smart does or does not work. There’s sometimes where a special icon that Smart Stay on top of the screen, but this is never more than a fraction of a second visible. So for anyone who doubts: it works Stay Smart!
First, the natural function enabled. This can be done via Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Smart snooze tick. In the same menu is also the possibility the timeout of the screen to set, such as after one minute. That is, the screen itself off after one minute if you do not touch the device further. But with Smart Stay – slumber so smart – turned this does not happen when you look at the screen.

After a minute, the Galaxy S3 begins to ‘see’ or you go to the screen are watching, or that you actually nothing to do with the unit are doing. This is when the icon with the eye for a moment on screen will seem. If the device detects that you’re now looking at the screen, the screen will stay on. You notice anything else – even the icon does not appear consistently in the picture further.
Anyone who wonders whether so Stay Smart works, even when you see its icon only: yes, that’s right.
However, our own experience that the screen pretty neat right to your face will need to keep before Smart Stay conclude that you look at the screen. Also there will be enough light to be – in the evening in the dark in bed does not work, when in fact or would be useful. Hence we have already in our Galaxy Samsung S3 Review concluded that a nice, but not directly from an otherwise perfect feature is very nice device.
Which of the great emphasis of our favorite British blogger Sam J Pullen holds, it can further below on the convenience check.