Samsung Galaxy S3 shows made for music

Posted on May 8 2012 - 8:06am by Huzoor Bux

Huh? What? Of course you can listen to music on the Samsung Galaxy S3 – that you already on almost every phone since a decade or so? And yet there is reason to be very happy with the sound quality of the Galaxy S3.
Although Samsung Unpacked during presentation of S3 is not much talk about it made, it is interesting to look at the hardware in the device is found with respect to noise and music. From surfaced information shows that Samsung S3 with the Galaxy has a Wolfson DAC – digital-to-analog converter. This is the element that ensures that digital information converted into sound such as music listenable. And to be precise: this is not just the nearest DAC.

Samsung seems to play the role of Galaxy S3 as an MP3 player very seriously. The expectation – we will of course still testing – is that music on the S3 will be a pleasure, even for the enthusiast. No frills, with artificial equalizer settings or software enhancement, but just a basic part of very high level.