Samsung Galaxy S3 SAFE: business S3 (for Americans)

Posted on Jun 19 2012 - 5:21am by Huzoor Bux

Since its explosive storming of the smart phone market, Samsung is looking for a toehold in the business market. Originally dominated by BlackBerry, this market in recent years more and more iPhone terrain changed. With its special ‘SAFE’ Line – Approved For Enterprise Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy S3 SAFE will be a party, Samsung wants to conquer this market so.

The Samsung S3 SAFE Galaxy is of course really just a Galaxy S3. But one with latest security and data encryption. We also find a number on the device specific applications such as Microsoft ActiveSync exchange, support for VPN connections, set of tools to remotely manage, and 256 bit AES encryption.
This sounds very good course for anyone whose smart phone also the tool in the business area, in which data really should be safe. The only downside so far, this version is intended for the U.S. market. Or we the SAFE line – which, such as, a Galaxy Note SAFE belongs – ever welcome in Europe is not known. But on this side of the Atlantic there are plenty of users who Plas precisely on SAFE’s opportunities are waiting, we think.