Samsung Galaxy S3 questions and answers

Posted on Jun 1 2012 - 5:16pm by Huzoor Bux

Look what happened today in our shoe Sat! And while Santa Claus really long and wide again on the beach in Spain is resting on its annual party in the Netherlands.

Because we are very lucky with our new Samsung Galaxy S3, we decided to make real Q & A here. Or, in plain Dutch, suppose your question below, and we – or anyone who is even a Galaxy S3 in the house and feels called – will try periodically to answer, from tomorrow until roughly 8 June.

So such as you want to know if we find S-Voice really useful, or that it is a nice but not very useful ‘gimmick’ can ask us! (And Forward: our first impression of S-voice gimmick is 80%, 20% helpful).
However, we would appreciate it if you – if you put below a question – just checking if anyone else has already asked the same question.

  • Julie

    I have my work email in sync with my phone. However, I mistyped the email address and need to correct that. Is it possible to just correct the address, or must I cancel the account I have set up, and set up a new account. I’m just trying to save steps by correcting the typo.

  • ivan

    i merge my contacts no. with samsung account how to unmerge?

  • Carlito Canlas

    How can i switch my Driving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S3