Samsung Galaxy S3: how is he really? (Share your experiences!)

Posted on Jun 19 2012 - 5:12am by Huzoor Bux

After a hype that followed improper proportions annum early May last the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3, a few weeks ago followed by the actual availability. Meanwhile we can say that the dust settles and we have a sober look at the Galaxy S3 may watch. This article is not a full review of Galaxy S3 – which follows the very short-term – but a summary of first impressions are the result of a few weeks of intensive use. But where we are particularly curious about, of course, your experiences. So do not, and share them with us below!

Building Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S3 feels solid, despite the size and is well in hand. By the use polycarbonate for the back, in combination with the rounded shapes, the feel S3 is not to be smooth, or bulky in size. Sometimes it is necessary the device with two hands to run – unless you have huge fingers not always easy to reach every corner of the screen.


So far, our editorial copy downright flawless. Of course we also heard about some “bugs” but to be honest, our unit is as stable as a rock, and as smooth as butter. Apps install – and remove – takes the fly, switching between different applications is not less rapidly, and at the connection glitches we still can not catch.


Despite the doubts of many insiders or so-called ‘pentile “AMOLED display is sharp enough, we can with confidence say that the Galaxy S3 has a nice screen. It is, logically, large and sharp. After a few weeks of intensive use S3, it seems – yet not small – screen of the Galaxy S2 almost claustrophobic small. Come on, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to so much screen on your phone. And the huge contrast of an AMOLED screen provides very good picture. There is only one point that what we are concerned had better liked, and what is at has often appeared in the comments of visitors: readability in sunlight is moderate.


Samsung Unpacked spent during her presentation very much time on the new software we found on the Galaxy S3: a lot of little tricks, new apps, and technical highlights. The unit is ultimately “Designed for humans’. Perhaps we are not gemakszuchtig enough, but a lot of these apps and functions we have scarcely.

For the real enthusiast features like Facebook Share Buddy (take a picture and share it with the right people in the picture) may be a result, we have at most a few times to use it.
Direct Call (bring the device to your ear to eg Texting, and you’re calling the person directly involved in are Texting) is occasionally useful, but in practice it did surprisingly little for that now switched to be a text message to a telephone conversation with the person. But it works fine.
S Beam (the direct exchange of files between S3’s) is useful, but only comes into its own as many people around you also have a Galaxy S3. The fate of an early adopter of course is that in the beginning is not the case. But maybe later shows indeed a very practical feature.
Stay Smart (the screen stays on as long as you face it) is what concerns us is potentially the best, albeit subtle, feature. Currently it works well, provided there is enough light and you turn the device properly for your face does. The practice is often more stubborn. And so it is a very fine, but not always reliable feature.
You should create the impression that many of the new features do not add much to the user. Impression that we do not wake. But in everyday use, the interface normal as fast and reliable that we do not really need much more pleasant to use the device.


Besides the screen and the speed and stability in daily use, the camera is the third area in which the Galaxy excels S3. The photos are fantastic detailed and videos ditto and of excellent quality. Here are some excellent new features are in place: the ‘continuous shooting’ mode (burst mode) is very fast, and provides beautiful series on. We were pleasantly surprised by the “best shot” mode that is quite good indeed to those recordings to choose where the best people on it.


The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is fine – but it is still possible to get the battery before the day is over. Then you need the device very intensively, and in comparison with other (Android) smartphones, the Galaxy S3 is indeed a relief. For us it is perhaps the finest hour in the charger from the battery again for half ‘fill’.

Conclusion: impression after a few weeks

In short we can say that the Galaxy S3 in particular stands out for his screen, speed (in terms of operation), and his camera. We are certainly not the first to say this – but after a few weeks we are using S3 there are wholeheartedly. We do find many of the new software ‘tricks’ on paper better than in practice: we hardly use it most. Voice S we have not even mentioned above, because no time was that we really seemed convenient to use.
If the previous generation smartphones such as the Galaxy S2 is used, will notice that the Galaxy S3 on all fronts a far developed device. Was the Galaxy S2 is a new-generation smartphone with lots of potential, in the Galaxy S3 is really achieved this potential. In that sense, we agree with the review that a while ago was to read the great tech blog Engadget : the power of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that the is greater than the sum of its parts.
But …. as already said, we think. What do you think, users of the Samsung Galaxy S3?
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