Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware update is available in select

Posted on Jul 2 2012 - 5:59am by Huzoor Bux

It seems that the update that we reported below rightly be called a minor update. Many recently extradited Samsung Galaxy S3 devices already run ‘out of the box on the I9100XXALEF firmware – the update is only relevant and available to users whose Galaxy S3 a little longer in their possession, and whose unit is equipped with the I9100XXALE8 original firmware version.

Tonight we hung our editorial Samsung Galaxy S3 bastards to choose software and Samsung’s Gee! A new firmware update is available for our Dutch, ‘unbranded’ Galaxy S3.
This is a new firmware version with code I9300XXALEF – the unit came a month ago out of the box with version I9300XXALE8. And although we secretly not a fan of choose, we could not update via the device fried OTA (Over The Air) system (Menu -> Settings -> Device Info -> Software Update -> Update) , and so … we went to work with old-fashioned Choose the PC. And to be honest: the update went like a charm. That we were still in sweating was really about the weather – not to the functioning of Select.

And now of course the big question: what has changed? Or rather: what has improved? As we have just performed the update until it is too early to find all kinds of things to make with certainty – that we do over the next few days though. For now, drop us the following things:
The controls seem a little smoother – many will not (as far as this can also, of course)
The “redraw bug – where the connection should be displayed remarkably slow again after you come out of an app we have not seen – but that we had before the update either. Or so this is resolved, we can not say
The Quadrant benchmark app scores our plane repeatedly around 5500 – before the update was around 5300. Coincidence?
As I said, hopefully we can soon more changes and / or report improvements. Do you also run the update, and you get new or better things up? Let us know below!
Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware update is available in select (update 30 June) , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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