Samsung Galaxy S3: … designed by lawyers?

Posted on May 18 2012 - 5:31pm by Huzoor Bux

Everyone has something inherited from the correct legal battle that Samsung and Apple last year claimed – and still – about patents and registered designs. And as we earlier statements from the legal case of Apple under the microscope, it looks suspiciously like the Samsung Galaxy S3 previously designed by the legal department, through the normal design department.
In an early indictment of Apple, we read the points where the group from Cupertino Zaal opposes them:

  • A rectangular shape with four uniform, rounded edges
  • The front consists of a predominantly black screen and edges
  • The top and bottom edges of the screen which are about the same width, as well as the edges next to the screen which are narrower, but equally wide

The above list is, according to Apple’s lawyers, a list of things that Samsung should NOT do – the original list is longer, but we shortened it for convenience.
More striking, it is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 – if we use the above points in mind – gracefully outside Apple’s waters seems to want to keep. The Samsung S3 Galaxy in less rectangular, and the corners are not all equal education. Also, the edge below the screen clearly greater than that above the screen, and there is – at least in the first version of the Galaxy S3 – no black borders.

Would the lawsuit between the two electronics giants, so it might have an effect on the last design of the Samsung Galaxy S3? It would just be …
For a more detailed elaboration of the provisions of the lawsuit and the details the design of the Galaxy S3 you can go to Android Police .