Samsung Galaxy S3 burden of hairline cracks

Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 5:12am by Huzoor Bux

Meanwhile, Samsung has announced that users who are below the hairline cracks in their Galaxy S3 find them subject to the normal warranty repair. This contact must be included with the shop where the device was purchased, or Samsung itself. According to Samsung, this is a limited number of devices.

Shortly before the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced that the Koreans had some problems with the production of the Pebble Blue variant. Result: more than half a million blue ‘casings’ that could chipper and a half week delay in delivery. Well that ends well, you would hope. Now it seems that some users suffer from cracks in the metallic edge of their Galaxy S3.
Galaxy S3 owners report that tiny cracks without the device is exposed to events that would logically explain (dropping, bending, sawing, etc.).
We have editorial apparatus (certainly a few times harshly with the floor has been exposed) examined with a magnifying glass, and yet no such cracks were found. Whether it’s a structural problem, a problem with some devices, or a particular series is not to say.

  • jills


    I recently bought a new samsung s 3. I’m very impressed with the technology.

    I was very shocked you find a hairline crack on my phone on the 30th day of use.
    I do care of the handset like a baby. it was never dropped never crashed and I even you still protective cover on it.

    Now they say it will take me 80 pounds to repair. I m really sad ;-(

  • I have this issue as do many others. Phone is about a month old, small hairline cracks on each corner and a larger one below the charger slot. Time to get a replacement I think.

    • Muhammad Ali

      yes exactly, same here, a clearly visible hairline crack below the charging port