Samsung Galaxy S3 9 million times for all ordered

Posted on May 18 2012 - 5:27pm by Huzoor Bux

A while ago already leaked information that providers and retailers a cool 10 million Samsung Galaxy S3’s were ordered from the Korean manufacturer. Today, this number will be almost entirely confirmed – this time in Korean itself, where the number of orders is referred to 9,000,000.
This is an absolute record for both Samsung, as the Android smart phone system – even the highly successful Galaxy S2 had some time to such sales number to retrieve. Just before the release, there were ‘only’ 3 million orders for the S2. The Galaxy S3 is already close to 10 million, and is not even in stores.
In part, this high figure is explained by the fact that the Galaxy Samsung S3 more or less simultaneously in record some countries on the market, over 100 providers and other worldwide sales channels. But the rapidly growing awareness of the smart phone line – thanks to the Galaxy S2 – certainly contributes to one or two stones.